Each hyperbaric chamber is equipped with a range of modern safety features and undergoes detailed testing before delivery to the customer.


Our chambers are very easy to use. The device starts with the press of a few simple buttons, after which you can enter the chamber by yourself or with the help of a friend.

USB port

During a session you can watch your favourite films, browse the Internet, play games or use your tablet or mobile phone, with or without use of the internal USB charging port.

Hour counter

The hour counter measure the chamber’s overall working time, informing you of the need for service inspections. As a result, the chamber’s reliability and readiness to work is always guaranteed.

Labels in your own language

When you order a chamber from us, the labels and instructions will be in your language. This you don’t need to know any foreign languages ​​to use the device safely and correctly.

Power supply

To operate the chamber, you need only to plug it in to a standard 230V mains socket. Oxygen is produced directly from the surrounding air, using an ultra-modern built-in oxygen concentrator.



The OMNIOXY RELAX hyperbaric chamber is the ideal choice for users preferring a semi-sitting position, or who may have problems entering a recumbent chamber. The RELAX’s design ensures convenient operation from the inside, with the valves at your fingertips. Available in two versions, with an integrated oxygen concentrator and compressor, or with two devices separately, for greater mobility. Equipped with a metal inner frame. A 2-person version is also available.

1.3 ATA 10 l 170x170x110 1
Safe pressure Oxygen concentrator Diameter (cm) Max. number of people


The most versatile and spacious of horizontal chambers, the DUO is equally suitable for providing services as well as for private home use. Accommodates 2 people, making it ideal for parents and children. Very bright inside, with its 7 windows into the chamber. The DUO is the best choice for people who like space, comfort and convenience. Equipped with a metal inner frame.

1.3 ATA 10 l 90 225 2
Safe pressure Oxygen concentrator Diameter (cm) Length (cm) Max. number of people


The STEEL has been designed for professional, commercial use. Highly durable metal construction for trouble-free, long-term operation in places with high customer intensity. Easy to get in and out and easy to clean, the STEEL is perfect for HBOT-based business. Highly valued among owners of spas, biological regeneration rooms, fitness centres, rehab clinics, private clinics, hospitals, medical centres and other places with a large number of clients. Built-in voice communication system for comfortable conversation with staff. This chamber features a large glass window at head level, and is finished in an easy-to-clean material.

Available in two versions:

1.5 ATA 10 l 75 220 1
Safe pressure Oxygen concentrator Diameter (cm) Length (cm) Max. number of people


1.5 ATA 10 l 90 220 2
Safe pressure Oxygen concentrator Diameter (cm) Length (cm) Max. number of people

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