Hyperbaric Chamber in a Wellness Clinic

A hyperbaric clinic is an exciting idea for a profitable business that can be started by anyone. All you need is a small space with good ventilation.


By acquiring the OMNIOXY hyperbaric chamber with a medical oxygen concentrator, you gain equipment that is perfect for investment purposes and allows you to thrive in an industry that is the future.
With the operation of just one device, you can generate monthly revenue of up to 15,000 PLN with minimal operating costs.
Opening your own hyperbaric clinic is an opportunity to redefine your life and awaken the dormant entrepreneurial potential within you.

Invest in a profitable business based on innovative technology and develop your potential even in uncertain times.

Meeting the needs of many clients

The scope of mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy is very broad, with athletes, individuals seeking holistic health improvement methods, and those wanting to preserve youthfulness and rejuvenate the mind all being recipients of this service.

Celebrities and renowned athletes like Justin Bieber and Cristiano Ronaldo have been using hyperbaric oxygen therapy for years.

What is mild hyperbaria?

Mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy (mHBOT) is a procedure in which individuals are exposed to an environment of increased pressure and breathe in higher levels of oxygen. These unique conditions enhance the body’s biological rejuvenation capabilities and create distance from the external world.

By regulating the biochemical processes in the body, the organism achieves a healthy harmony and immunological defense capacity, leading to faster regeneration, improved well-being, and mental equilibrium.

A modern business with a positive image

Opening a clinic with the OMNIOXY hyperbaric chamber signifies that you understand the market’s needs and know how to capitalize on their potential.

Despite its cellular-level impact on the body, operating the technology is incredibly simple and effortless. Starting the chamber merely involves pressing a few buttons.

Managing such a business is also very accessible as it does not require fulfilling formalities related to medical services. Our professional chamber operation training, culminating in the issuance of a certificate, is sufficient.

The hyperbaric chamber is for you if:

You are seeking a device that caters to the needs of various clients

You value distinguishing your business and attracting a wide range of customers.

You are looking for new paths of professional development.

You prioritize a business with a positive image

You aspire to be a pioneer of innovative services in your area.

You want to run your business independently, without hiring additional staff.

You appreciate modern technologies with measurable effects.

You aim to fully utilize your potential in an industry with a promising future.

What do you gain from partnering with us?

A business expansion idea

Collaboration with a market leader

Assistance in obtaining leasing options

High-quality, safe, and user-friendly devices available immediately

Full warranty and prompt service

Operational training for the entire team

Discover Our Offer

Currently, we offer five models of mild hyperbaric chambers, available immediately. Check out their advantages and, with our assistance, decide which one will be the perfect fit for your clinic.


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Expand your offerings with one of the most popular regenerative methods. The simplicity of a mild hyperbaric session allows you to provide clients with a new level of service without placing additional burden on your staff or hiring additional personnel.

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