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Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan
Małgorzata Rozenek-MajdanPolish television presenter, TV personality and social activist.
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Ever since I started using the OMNIOXY Cosmo chamber, my training life has changed beyond recognition. Sessions in this chamber are my little secret for quick recovery after all those grueling workouts, allowing me to give even more of myself and prepare for new athletic challenges. Honestly, OMNIOXY Cosmo is a game changer in my daily routine!
Marek Kamiński
Marek KamińskiPolish innovator, philosopher and extreme traveller
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For me, this is a moment of meditation; thanks to the sessions in the chamber, I feel better. (...) I already know for sure that it increases my personal potential and the potential of my body. It's also an opportunity for me to pause in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
Milena Dybiec
Milena DybiecMiobio
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Thank you OMNIOXY for your excellent service at every stage of the order. I know I chose the best.
Jakub "Spina" Wojcik
Jakub "Spina" Wojcik physiotherapist
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From the moment I first contacted the company, I knew it would be a fun and fruitful collaboration. Phone contact, training and, of course, service is top-notch. The knowledge , passion and experience of the people of OMNIOXY, gives great comfort in doing business. To quote a classic " OMNIOXY makes a difference".
Daniel Peddie
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Cooperation with OMNIOXY has been perfect from the very beginning! I can always count on help, support in various issues related to the running of the practice. Product advertising at the highest level! I am finally doing a job that gives me the opportunity to help others, a job that brings me a lot of pleasure.
Marcin Swierc
Marcin SwiercPolish long-distance runner, ultramarathoner, competitor of the Polish national team in mountain running, winner of the Great Wall of China Marathon
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"Using the chamber, I noticed that the body comes to homeostasis faster and you can really do stronger workouts," he said.
Arkadiusz Linder
Arkadiusz Linderrallyist, European Champion in Baja rallies and winner of the third place in the FIM World Cup classification
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The European Rally Champion is preparing for the demanding Dakar Rally with the support of the OMNIOXY hyperbaric chamber.
Grzegorz Zengota
Grzegorz Zengota Speedway rider, Gold medalist of the European Pairs Championship in the 2018 season.
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"The OMNIOXY chamber helped me get back on the track and into professional racing."
Norbert Wrzesinski
Norbert Wrzesinski Physiotherapist for the women's basketball team of VBW Arka Gdynia
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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments, in addition to the physiological factors aspect alone, also helped improve cognitive function. The athletes respond faster and this is also associated with an improvement in their well-being. I recommend the use of mild oxygen hyperbaria in post-workout recovery and recovery from injury
Arka Gdynia
Arka Gdynia
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Arka Gdynia's footballers have been gaining strength for more victories in the OMNIOXY chamber.
Aga Zebron - Chudzicka
Aga Zebron - ChudzickaPolish Champion in the Women's Athletic Fitness category
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"You will find that active recovery in OMNIOXY's gentle hyperbaric chamber will help you achieve true mastery."
Krzysztof Sulima
Krzysztof SulimaBasketball player, runner-up 87. edition of the competition for the title of champion of Poland in men's basketball
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My recovery after training and matches has improved significantly since I started using OMNIOXY's mild hyperbaric chamber. I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their health and physical form.

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The effectiveness of oxygenation of the body at elevated pressure using a hyperbaric oxygen chamber can be felt at the level of the body and mind. Thousands of people around the world have already been convinced of the effects of this method, and its popularity continues to grow. Introducing mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy sessions to your offerings is a sign that you know the needs of the market and how to tap into their potential. Experience the amazing effects of a hyperbaric chamber today!

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