Multiplace Chamber SPACE

Together against aging

Discover innovative multiplace chambers that revolutionize the experience of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

The space designed for groups of three or more allows for shared relaxation and regeneration sessions. These unique chambers are not only a place for biological renewal but also an exceptional opportunity to strengthen bonds among loved ones, combining the benefits of oxygen therapy with moments of shared relaxation.

By choosing multi-person chambers, you’re investing in quality, comfort, and unforgettable memories. Each session in our spacious and modern capsule offers not only deep relaxation and support for body regeneration but also a unique time spent with family or friends. Allow yourself and your loved ones a moment of relaxation and renewal, benefiting from advanced technology and comfort offered through the collaboration between OMNIOXY and Oxyhelp.

Personalization of multiplace chambers with OMNIOXY.

With OMNIOXY, you have the unique opportunity to customize multiplace chambers to fit your style and needs. Choose colors, finishes, accessories, and extras that seamlessly blend with your space and vision. Our team of experts is ready to help you create a chamber that not only provides comfort and relaxation but also impresses with its appearance. Contact us to create a personalized chamber that reflects your unique approach to regeneration and relaxation.


We are a trusted business partner.

We provide you with the knowledge and support needed for daily operation of the regeneration point. You can rely on our team of specialists in hyperbaric oxygen therapy.


We are available to address your doubts, respond to malfunctions, and regularly service your equipment. We ensure continuity and high quality of the services provided by you.


We regularly conduct training on mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy! Plan your training and retraining for yourself and your employees. We are creating the OMNIOXY Academy with business knowledge.


We assist in obtaining financing from our partners. Contact us, and together we will find the best solution for you.


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