Mild hyperbaric chamber in a physiotherapy clinic

Expand your offerings with one of the most popular regenerative methods on the market and meet the needs of every client.


A gentle hyperbaric session is effortless and does not require hiring new staff. 

Thanks to the operation of a single device, you can gain up to 15,000 PLN of monthly revenue, with minimal operating costs.

The new service will enrich your offer and introduce time slots during which you can schedule meetings with other clients of the office.

Increase your revenue with an innovative device that doesn’t require your presence during the procedure.

Modern clinic with a wide range of services

The OMNIOXY mild hyperbaric chamber allows you to reach new target groups and supports various manual therapies.

The sessions are autonomous and do not require your presence, allowing you to serve more clients and earn more.

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Meeting the needs of every client

A mild hyperbaric session (mHBOT) is a procedure in which individuals are exposed to an environment of increased pressure and breathe in an increased amount of oxygen. These unique conditions enhance the biological regeneration capabilities of the entire body.

By regulating the biochemistry of all body systems, the body achieves healthy harmony and immunological defense, leading to faster regeneration and improved well-being.

The hyperbaric chamber is for you if you:

Want to serve twice as many patients without significant additional effort

Are seeking a device that meets the needs of different clients

Value distinguishing your offerings and reaching new audiences

Want to earn more in the same amount of time.

Fit Test Family

Dr. Mateusz Rynkiewicz summarizes 2 years with the OMNIOXY hyperbaric chamber. See how it functions in the offerings of the Fit Test Family physiotherapy clinic.

Spina & Szyna

Discover how Jakub “Spina” Wójcik, a physiotherapist from the Spina & Szyna Oxygen Bar, expanded his practice.

What do you gain from partnering with us?

A business expansion idea

Collaboration with a market leader

Assistance in obtaining leasing options

High-quality, safe, and user-friendly devices available immediately

Full warranty and prompt service

Operational training for the entire team

Discover Our Offer

Currently, we offer four models of mild hyperbaric chambers, available immediately. Check out their advantages and, with our assistance, decide which one will be the perfect fit for your clinic.


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Expand your offerings with one of the most popular regenerative methods. The simplicity of a mild hyperbaric session allows you to provide clients with a new level of service without placing additional burden on your staff or hiring additional personnel.

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